Sun Direct Recordable HD Set-top Box

Sun Direct Recordable HD Set-top Box


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SUN Direct offers the latest MPEG-4 digital compression technology. Apart from superior sound and picture quality, MPEG-4 technology increase broadcast capacity helping deliver more content. This allows the user to record unlimited High Definition television content via USB port facility in the all-new PVR box. It can also record contents from a channel while watching other channels and has the ability to set time up to a week in advance to record future programs and the facility to pause live channels to be viewed after a short break. Moreover, it has options for MP3 Audio playing and viewing of JPGs on your TV screen.

Device Type High Definition
Technology MPEG4
Resolution 1080i
Recorder Yes
Memory External (USB Recording)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Sound Quality 5.1 Dobly Digitial Surround Sound


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